Halls & Walls 2021: Our POV on this year’s edition

vertical pro event

In a year full of controversy, lockdowns, and Pandemic after-effects, we would like to stand behind an event that alleviated the world of climbing and left a positive impact on many exhibiting companies.

We are talking about the first edition of Halls & Walls 2021 – an event for fellow climbing professionals and brands that explored further the beauty, versatility, and opportunities of climbing.

We are happy to say that our team at Holds&Walls did participate in the event, exchanged ideas with experts in the niche, and took a step ahead in providing the latest trends in climbing halls, walls, and gym centers.

In this article, we would like to express how grateful we are for the opportunity to collaborate and extend the knowledge around climbing gear to all visitors and participants. It was truly was an amazing time.

Also, we are going to explain briefly what the Halls & Walls event stands for, who is it for, what did organizers and attendees say about it and how do we see the future of it.

After that, we are not going to dive deep into any more text but with all the photos we have taken, we would like to transcend the innovative technological atmosphere that was spreading around the 20th of November 2021.

You are excited to know more, aren’t you?

About Halls & Walls 2021

Halls & Walls is the event for vertical professionals at which more than 140 companies from 23 countries exposed the latest trends in the climbing and safety sectors.

To many professionals, organizers, and press the first edition of Halls & Walls has been a total success even during these more challenging times when it comes to attending an event.

Our team totally agrees with the CEO – Messe Friedrichshafen Klaus Wellmann, who says that all preparation led to a “top-class success”.

Of course, directors, marketing staff, and people agree on that, too. If you are a fan of climbing, a big climbing enthusiast, or a professional climber, then Halls & Walls was the event for you.

The Halls & Walls 2021 event had places when you could:

  • enter the Demo + Test Area and try out for yourself – numerous workshops included, product tests, demonstrations, and training in real-time.
  • go to the Expo section – there all international manufacturers do present their latest models, innovations, and future project visions. The place was top-notch for boosting customer experience, feedback, and attracting trade fair offers.
  • visit the Forum & Networking – getting the latest know-how from the professionals is priceless. At Halls & Walls attending these lectures and receiving priceless information is possible.
  • Talk about the latest Trends and Innovations – discussions on new products, prototypes, and start-up ideas.

Believe it, Halls & Walls 2021 was an outstanding event at which many ideas were shared in the climbing niche.

The way our team at Holds&Walls looks at the VP event and organization is like a start to something much broader than what it was this year.

Imagine more participants, innovative technology, and fewer restrictions for live events. That would be great for next year.

We can conclude that Halls & Walls is the future for climbing events in Europe and we would be honored to participate and help with everything we can in the next editions.

Holds&Walls is sending props to the team behind this. They are amazing and more information can be found on their official website.

A climbing atmosphere worth a visit…

Here comes the best part. You would be able to witness how great and versatile of an even Halls & Walls 2021 was.

Here are some mesmerizing projects below:

Final verdict on Halls & Walls 2021

As far as the reviews go, we can agree that this event was full of opportunities to try, discuss and take notes on innovations.

We are impatiently waiting for next year’s edition where the whole thing seems to be much bigger, advanced, and will get to more people.

In the meantime, if you need a professional wholesaler, expert team, or need to discuss further ideas on investments in the climbing niche, you can always trust our team at Holds&Walls and contact us.

How to choose the best location for your climbing gym?

how to choose the best location for your climbing gym

The process of building a climbing gym and choosing the proper location for it are not easy tasks and you should be extra cautious during the process.

In this article, we will walk you through the process when you are planning to invest in a climbing gym and how to reap the benefits without making any serious mistakes along the way.

This includes choosing the location. You should decide whether you are going to renovate an old facility, gym or hall or go all in to a new one. Also, we should note that choosing the right company that is going to build up 3D models and will execute for that process is pivotal.

At Holds&Walls we have more than 8 years of experience with big clients and different types of them. Some do want full-equipment renovation and others are counting on partial equipment from us.

In both cases, we are approaching every next case individually and so far, what we have accomplished is off the chain.

Let’s stop with the boasting and dive deep into practical ways on how to choose the best location for your climbing gym, some advice from our expertise during the years, and what it takes to achieve outstanding results.

Choose the location according to your budget

Every accountable investor should start with the budget first. Budgets play the largest role in choosing the location because you should know how big the place will be if you are going to build it up from scratch or renovate an old one.

Investors that are managing Spa and sports facilities can choose to renovate a part of their current halls and turn them into a climbing hall. That’s a pretty good idea and we have many clients in your portfolio that decided to do just that. You can take a look at our projects.

Choosing the location according to square area

Another pivotal factor is how big you want the location to be. There are big climbing centers with walls for different types of climbing and there are small ones that are smaller than 200 square meters.

Holds&Walls worked with investors that do have locations with more than 1500 sq.m. in mind for the whole project.

When you combine how big the location you are planning to be + your budget, then you can decide the next factors as well.

Choose the location for different types of climbing

As you may already know or you are getting into this now, multiple types of climbing require different setups, walls, volumes, and equipment.

As an investor, it is important to choose what service you are going to provide and what is your customer audience. If you are going to provide multiple climbing walls, then these are the most common types to choose from:

  • Bouldering – it does involve more routes that are close to the ground
  • Lead climbing – that type of climbing is for people that are way more advanced in the sport and they need special equipment to go higher.
  • Top-rope climbing – here you are secure with a rope and the needed equipment to climb higher. It is suitable for people that are past beginners and want to explore the climbing niche.

Also, another pivotal element is how difficult the routes in the gyms would be. Normally, for smaller gyms, there can be fewer options and for bigger ones, you can choose to build a route for everyone – from kids to professional climbers.

Choose the location based on marketing research

Yes, that is right. When you are picking up a potential location for your climbing gym, you should first know if there is demand before the supply.

Nobody wants to create the hall and lose money when it comes to inconsistent interest, fewer bookings, and the inability of clients to find you on the map.

Locations are crucial for successful businesses and having a top-tier one will make or break your success. What else are you providing as a business? Is this climbing gym going to be a part of a shopping center, Spa center, Sports center, or a recreational place where you have a “consistent flow” of clients?

If yes, then you are good to start. Reach out to Holds&Walls.

If not, then you should make sure your location is a great one and people would be able to book and arrive at it effortlessly.

From our expertise, you can start with the marketing research from your team and put surveys, even put some social media ads to see if there is demand. According to the results, you can shape your next steps in the process and discuss this with your colleagues, marketing managers, and business partners.

You can discuss it with the team of Holds&Walls, of course. We know how to build astonishing climbing centers and that’s our main focus for the last 8 years. Contact our team.

Final words on choosing the proper location for your climbing gym

Do not get discouraged if you meet a couple of bumps along the road. It happens to the best.

What you need in that situation is to rethink all of your options, calculate your budget promptly and talk to a professional wholesaler like our team at Holds&Walls.

It will only get more interesting from there because we are driven to provide top-class bouldering materials and walls straight out from the factory and you should not worry about problems with delivery, innovation, or any terms – our team got all of this on all 24/7.

Choose to work with us and we will walk you through the whole process. We will take measurements of your hall, then build a 3D model and if you like what you see on paper, then this is what you will get when the H&W team is done. We are always one email or call away from building a successful business model. Let’s climb together.

Bringing the Olympics to your climbing center

bringint the Olympics to your climbing center

Bouldering revolutionized the Olympics and made its incredible debut at this year’s edition.

Sport climbing did make something incredible in Tokyo and marked its place next to sports disciplines as karate, swimming, gymnastics, badminton, and fencing among others.

You can see now that wall climbing is becoming a “bigger deal” worldwide and interest in it will only go stronger as years pass by.

That’s why we are taking our time to dedicate this blog post on bouldering, how the connection to the Olympics is making it a top-tier sport, and why you should look at it as an opportunity for profitable investments and a successful business model.

It is no secret that this year’s induction into the Olympics 2020 was praised by many climbing enthusiasts and professionals.

As more and more climbing gyms are opening in the USA and Europe, the sport is becoming extremely popular, especially to the younger generation.

There were three main disciplines at climbing at the Olympics:

  • Bouldering
  • Lead climbing
  • Speed climbing

That’s some great news. If you have a climbing gym you can surely renovate it or upgrade it and meet the requirements for the disciplines. That’s a new approach to attracting more professionals or climbing enthusiasts to train at your center.

With that being said, we are going to proceed with answering a question that will make sure you will love the idea of having a professional climbing center and marketing is a place where people can exceed their climbing skills.

What holds and volumes were used at the Olympics in Tokyo?

As for all sports events, certain terms and regulations should be kept to build the climbing facility of the Olympics. Why are we mentioning this?

Here are some pivotal ones:

Objective criteria

  • Quality of the product: Durability and materials
  • Production location
  • Innovation: Including brands with a history of innovation and development
  • Design: Variety of models and shapes and 3D modeling versions

Event-specific criteria – Producing full sets of holds, macros, volumes:

  • Should have a large variety of shapes allowing versatile setting
  • Should make sense in its entirety
  • Should be fit for the highest level of competition climbing
  • Should encompass both Lead and Bouldering competitions
  • Should fit the specific profiles of the Tokyo walls
  • Should match the Tokyo 2020 look
  • Should be used for training and other competitions

We should note that Holds&Walls is one of the innovative and competitive wholesale suppliers of holds and volumes and we are striving for 100% compliance with such terms.

When it comes to building your climbing gym center, you should trust our professionalism and discuss everything about the process with our team. Contact us here.

We are mentioning all of this because we understand that an investment in renovating or building your climbing center from scratch is not an easy process.

Why using top-class holds and volumes will improve your image?

People always want the best quality when they pay to use something. It is in our nature and it is pretty understandable, too.

The same applies to climbing. Imagine if you have a climbing center built with holds and volumes that are of the same quality as the Olympics. Well, here it is – a gold mine for you to cherish.

With proper advertising, you can attract huge groups of climbing enthusiasts and professionals all over Europe and they will prefer your climbing walls.

Especially, reviews from coming customers are so important for the younger generations. Some people even say that multiplying bookings and sales are based on seen reviews.

If you know you offer a top-quality service with our holds and volumes from Holds&Walls, then you should take the next step in marketing your gym the right way so everyone can hear about it.

If you want an innovative climbing center as a part of your portfolio and the services you provide, talk to the specialist at H&W and we will work things out. See more about our shop.

How and why to find the best climbing offers?

Well, if what we wrote about our top-quality products above isn’t convincing enough, then we should try a little harder.

Factors that are important at Holds&Walls in holds, volumes, and building climbing walls:

  • Holds, volumes, and surface texture will stand the test of time (We are using the finest abrasive texture, stainless steel pins, and parts for materials that will last years)
  • Interactive design – we are innovating some of our volumes, so according to the type of climbing and difficulty you can create the perfect wall for both beginners and advanced climbers
  • Incredible volume sets – our volume sets are made for each other. They will “stick” and “click” as soon as they are embedded on the wall
  • Vibrant colors – colors can make climbing into the wildest adventure some people are taking participation in. We are offering a full set of colors to design your climbing gym promptly.

Final sentences

If you want to be a winner like the ones at the Olympics, there are other ways you can achieve greatness. If you are having a grasp on investing smartly and have the place to start a climbing hall, then this is an option that will stay wide open for you.

Be a champion in providing a climbing experience so great, that people will not only notice but will boost your brand around town or your country. Take the Olympics into your climbing gym and lead the way to the top.

The secrets to attracting customers to your climbing centre

the secrets to getting more clients to your climbing centre

Imagine that you are already in the process of building your climbing centre. You are having your contracts ready with the company and your gym centre is at the start of the transformation. That’s great news!

There’s a moment when you are thinking: “Everything is going fine but how would I attract more customers to visit and book my climbing centre?”

Do not worry for a moment. In this article, we are going to go further in our expertise and will suggest a few ways to sustain a decent flow of customers, why routes and their diversity is pivotal for the job, and how following the trends in the climbing world is your key element to keep up and offer astonishing service at all times.

Let’s dive deep into it, shall we?

Choosing the routes – covering the full spectrum from beginner to pros

Routes, as we all know, are the essence of climbing. When we start to work at the beginning with an investor, we are showing all our latest models, texture, materials, volumes, parts, and elements that are going to fulfill the whole construction.

Choosing different route models is not an easy task. Some measurements need to be taken first and then our team at Holds&Walls will create a 3D graphic modeling.

When it all adds up and we have our first glimpse on both digital and paper for the climbing gym, then we can proceed with the installation.

From our 8+ years of experience in providing top-quality routes, volumes, and materials for climbing centres, H&W has discovered that the investors that broaden their spectrum and offer multiple versions of routes with lesser and higher difficulty are way more marketable and successful in attracting more clients.

Imagine this situation. You have launched your centre which is covering a broader range of routes for beginners, intermediate climbers, and professionals. Isn’t this the perfect scenery when it comes to gaining trust from customers and building brand authority?

It sure is and Holds&Walls knows how to turn this into reality. Contact is for details

Climbing gym centres are usually a part of something bigger. In most cases, sports facilities, fitness, pools, or SPA centres.

There are thousands of people from all walks of life that are booking reservations, so the vast majority would be more than pleased to try bouldering if the service is marketed the proper way.

Make sure you cover everything that is needed when it comes to regulations, terms, and versatility, and clients will surely want to try what you have to offer.

Follow the trends in the climbing world – smart investing, renovation, and safety

 Holds&Walls have worked with many investors in the past that needed renovation of their climbing centre.

Of course, our company is always improving routes diversity, volumes, and materials we are using for maximum convenience.

As far as volumes go, you can see our newest and most advanced models here.  They are all made with absolute precision to detail and they look fantastic.

Choose our team of professionals and you will surely get a dynamically changing 3D place.

Renovation is not an easy task but “a must” because “amortization” is a real effect of routes and volumes losing their safety and efficiency when used for long years.

Holds&Walls is proud to announce that is directly distributing some of the most advanced and futuristic models you will ever find in Austria and Europe.

We are a wholesale supplier and our durable surface texture and volume sets are coming straight out of the factory. 

With impeccable attention to detail and using only high-grade-t-nuts and stainless metal inserts, we guarantee that your renovation is going to be worth it for years to come.

All of our marts and materials are made for utmost safety and people of all ages would love the vibrant design and colors.

You can choose between full-equipment renovation and partial-equipment renovation, respectively.

In both cases, you can be sure of world-class products that are going to give a proper boost to your business.

With that being said, we shared how pivotal is to work with a qualified team. It is, for instance, the main “secret” that you already know in attracting more clients to your centre afterward.

Final words from Holds&Walls

When you’ve built on a strong foundation – quality routes, amazing volume sets, and have a team of absolute professionals to design the process for you, then you can start attracting more clients to your climbing facility.

The process needs great marketing and advertising, but if you do not get the basics right, people would notice.

Investments of such kinds require a lot of resources, sometimes sponsors and business partners are included as well.

Working with us at Holds&Walls, you can be sure of no compromises on quality work and specific attention to detail. We do strive for perfection. If you need more information on anything including bouldering and helping with climbing halls, we are one message (us) away.

CASE STUDY: How our team at Holds&Walls helped FREIZI in creating a custom climbing hall

case study Building a climbing wall Do you know what it takes

Throughout the years, Holds&Walls has exceeded in both working with great clients and giving the utmost results when it comes to building climbing halls and turning ordinary gym centers into a true climbing adventure.

Today, we have decided to share the process of working with a client of ours that originally was managing tennis halls but expanded their business model with another route – the climbing route.

So, how does a tennis hall like the one below turn into a functional climbing center?

Some photos of the tennis hall sent by the client….

Plans on paper of the tennis hall….

We are talking about our project with FREIZI and you will visually see the transformation process from beginning to end.

We are going to lead you through this case study on how we cooperated and made something spectacular together.

Let’s start from the very beginning

Before FREIZI became one of our trusted clients, it took an individual process for their case to design and build the climbing hall for the investor.

It all started with an inquiry after another client has referred us as the company that would help in building a climbing hall for bouldering. Throughout our 8+ years of experience in the niche, we can proudly say that we helped many investors on versatile projects.

FREIZI decided to expand, as the company already provides numerous tennis courts, outdoor pool, badminton and sauna. More information about it you can find on the official website.

As bouldering trends are emerging in Austria for quite a while now, their executives decide that they are going to make an investment for one of the halls and turn it into a climbing one.

They contacted our team, gave us information about their property, which hall they plan to renovate and we talked further on all the steps from taking measurements, 3D modeling, contracts, executions, deadlines, and final adjustments before launching.

Our specialists at Holds&Walls went to FREIZI and took measurements. The results for this future climbing area got to be 580 sq. m.

This case study will make sure you grasp the whole process and will be rich in images from the very beginning, going through 3D modeling, finishing the full-equipment project, and even launch.

Contracts, further financing, and a long process of hard work

All right, it gets way more competitive and intriguing from here.

Holds&Walls researched the project, took exact measurements which we said to be a hall of 580 sq.m, and was ready to start with preparing all contracts. We discussed also the brands we are working with and chose the most suitable for the case:

The brands that were used for FREIZI’s case

When our team took measurements, hall plans and discussed further details with the investor, we were on the go to start our work together.

Engineering and visualizations

Take a first look at the models and how the climbing hall would look after all the project finishes execution:

Stay with us for a little longer and if you have any questions by now, contact us here.

We will try to minimize the long paragraphs and text, as the idea of our case study is to show you the full transformation of a tennis hall into a climbing one.

Still, we need to mention the steps of our working process:

  • Harvesting all information about the visions and desires of our client.
  • Receiving plans, measurements, and building details
  • Sending a team to take measurements
  • Going into 3D modeling mode and further engineering
  • Fulfilling a contract with the client + further talks about extra volumes, sets, and parts
  • Approval of contract
  • Partial advance payment
  • Project engineering and manufacturing
  • Delivery of walls, parts, and preparation to start the installation
  • Partial payments according to terms in the contract
  • Project acceptance
  • Final payment
  • Getting ready for launch

*Important note: Holds&Walls tries to optimize the process as much as possible. We are a wholesale supplier of holds, walls, and volumes and they are delivered after manufacturing straight from the factory. Drop us a line or call our team, we will give further information and instructions right away. Now let’s take the whole working process to the visual side and show you how far we have come from transforming FREIZI into a climbing center that thousands of people love.

We turned it into a place of not only climbing but a place of practice and having a good time with your loved ones.

Visually, step by step…

Turning these digital plans into reality…

Yes, as real as it gets, all of this looks fantastic…

Safe and highly-durable climbing walls and volumes for everyone…

Phew, you would say that’s a lot of working process.

Indeed, it is, but we managed to create something incredibly functional and beautiful.

If you want to reach such outstanding results and turn your investment into passions for many climbers, you can drop us a line at any time.

Just finished and Ready to Launch

We made it. The launch event, cameras, media coverage, and hundreds of happy faces – that was the atmosphere at FREIZI.

Since the climbing hall is functioning, the places at St. Georgen im Attergau have turned into a more compelling place to visit by people from all over Austria and tourists. Both kids and adults love the climbing halls and we can give you a glimpse of what the atmosphere at the center is.

People from all walks of life share their sympathies for this new and competitive climbing hall…

Climb, climb, climb…the top is near….

Climbing to new personal heights…

Final words on the project

That’s what we call taking boulder climbing to the next level. We thank FREIZI for the trust and together we achieved impeccable results. Our team at Holds&Walls is beyond grateful for the opportunity to work on a project that still expands and shows incredible potential every single day.

More information on events, bookings, courses and availability of FREIZI you can find on here or follow the latest news on social media.

These holds and volumes last forever: how to differentiate good products from top-quality ones?

these holds and volumes last forever

Climbing halls are a great place for sports activities or use them as a recreational tool and one pivotal element comes first – safety.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional climber, you should be cautious and go to climbing centers that can provide full information on their hold technology, volumes provider, and quality.

Yes, we do agree, holds and volumes are made from materials that are built to last. There is one “but…”

There are key elements that will differentiate good holds from top-class products that are made not only to last for years but to advance in design, usability and is beneficial for the user experience.

In the current blog post, we are going to dive deep into the products Holds&Walls offer and we will formulate a verdict based on our experience on how we proceed in providing second-to-none quality climbing materials for customers.

Let’s get straight to the point.

What are the differences between multiple technologies which produce better holds and volumes?

Our team at H&W will make sure you understand simply what we use in creating our top-quality holds and volumes.

We work with professionals which distribute the highest quality materials for your model volumes, holds, t-nuts, and metal inserts.

We strive for precision in every little element. We do not compromise quality and investors that are working with us know that this is our in-house company mantra.

Our volume transformers are made through a technology that interacts with one another once they are placed on the wall. This creates great mobility for climbers and it can create intensity on different spots on it.

Let’s talk about abrasive texture, shall we?

The surface texture on our volumes is coated with an abrasive one that maintains incredible friction and surface durability.

We are counting on these three high-quality materials that are forming our products: plywood birch, stainless metal insights, and as we said abrasive texture.

If you want to receive more information on prices and our offers, you can freely contact us here

We can offer mesmerizing volume sets, vibrant colors, and such attention to detail, that will transform your gym into the climbing hall that you always wanted.

 Do the prices matter?

Well, that’s a question that is asked from all investors and as it should.

With our team at Holds&Walls, you can be sure you are getting more for the investment you make.

It may sound like a cliché but our experience and satisfied clients show that going the extra mile for them to achieve astonishing results is the key.

Our company works with some of the best brands you will find on the market and we insist on giving full transparency and detailed contracts throughout the deal.

You will know everything for which you are paying for and this will lead to the formulation of the final price, goals, and finished project at the end.

Business ideas and budget are great to start with but our team will make sure all further parts such as design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation are taken care of promptly.

Also, you may already know this, but Holds&Walls as representing all of these brands is taking the role of a wholesale supplier. This is a huge plus in the working process, deadlines, and offering the newest trend in holds and volumes on the market.

To answer shortly: “Yes, it does matter and our team wants you to make the right decision in working with a professional team of the utmost quality.”

You can download and see all exclusive price lists with the brands we are partnering with.

How does investing in the proper equipment save money in the long term?

Starting with the fact we mentioned earlier, if you choose to work with Holds&Walls, then you are dealing with a wholesale supplier.

This will exceed the process of taking measures, 3D modeling, and providing the most suitable walls, volumes, and parts for your case.

Also, delivery dates will be shorter, depending on the contract, but in our expertise, we are proud to say that 100% of our finished projects were done and ready to launch accordingly.

See a list of our clients with full-equipment projects.

That’s not all. Holds&Walls will offer partial solutions for the climbing halls that are already in the business and do want to keep up their walls to date.

Tens of climbing businesses have chosen our team and our partial equipment. Talk to us at any time if that’s the case with you.

Working with a wholesale supplier do saves time, effort, and money respectively.

No matter how big your current or future project is, you can always minimize costs but not decrease in quality.

Final thoughts

H&W allows adjusting to your budget and starting a successful business that will last in time. Not only that, using the wholesale products we offer, you can be 100% sure of ultimate quality materials and safety regulations.

Are you already convinced in working with us?

That’s amazing! We are looking for mutual collaboration, too. Drop us a line on our email or contact us on social media.

Satisfying Climbers Demand on Holds and Routes Diversity

satisfying climbers demands

Diversity in holds and routes, as diversity in many services, is crucial for investors.

Diversity allows creating the climbing hall the way you want and adjusting everything into your budget before investing.

In this article, we are going to talk about satisfying the demands of our clients at Holds&Walls and will discuss further why it is pivotal, what is the direct impact on your business and how our team helps in different situations.

Let’s get the basics first.

Why holds diversity is important?

Starting with the little details, we are proud to present our quality volumes.

Made with “absolute precision”, our colorful volumes will stand out from any other you have seen on the market.

The team at Hold&Walls is continuously expanding our portfolio and will manage to amaze you with infinite possibilities in volumes, so you can use them in the places and walls at your gym center.

With that being said, we are assuring you that our volumes will change any wall and turn it into a 3D dynamic climbing space.

Oh, yes, and there is more:

  • Volume transformers – all of our designs are made to “interact” with one another and shape mesmerizing dimensions. Combinations and choosing a mix of shapes on your own are now possible with the help of H&W and professional communication.
  • Surface texture – You may not know this but both our climbing walls and volumes are coated with abrasive texture to maintain “a perfect balance” between surface durability and friction.

What about materials?

Do not worry, how could we forget?!

Working only with the highest quality durability surfaces such as plywood birch, stainless metal inserts, and abrasive texture, all of our parts in volumes are offering durability that will stand the test of pressure in time.

Also, our high-grade serviceable T-nuts and metal inserts will make all the parts “stick” promptly for a long time.

It is pivotal to mention that Holds&Walls makes no compromise when it comes to providing top-notch products and services afterward.

And last but not least: the colors….

Talk to our team and request your preferred colors. We are going to do the job.

Offering a huge pattern of colors on our walls and volume sets, you would feel like you are building the climbing wall of your childhood dreams.

Vibrant colors, a mixture of tones, and high-durability materials – isn’t that awesome?!

For more details, projects, and potential offers, you can contact us here.

How does all of this impact your business?

Imagine this.

You have taken the decision that you are launching your climbing hall. Working with an experienced company can “make or break” a business model and choosing the one that is going to take the extra mile for you is key.

“How does Holds&Walls stack up in front of the competition?” – you might ask:

  1. Holds&Walls has 8+ years of experience in the field. (Trust us, we’ve done and seen a lot)
  2. We are working with tens of brands you can see here.
  3. We are fluid in terms of offering full equipment projects and partial equipment.
  4. We do offer competitive price lists, discounts, and accurate delivery dates.

We did mention all of this because we do want the efficiency of working with Holds&Walls to be off the charts.

We take pride in providing first-class materials but we do provide excellent service and benefits as well.

Your business idea can turn into reality and you can grow your revenue, brand equity, and the impact you have on people that are into wall climbing.

This gets to the next point of the article.

How to pick quality products for your climbing hall and not “break the bank”?

Of course, such investments do need special research long before they are made.

Our team offers full transparency and price lists on which you can get a further estimate from us.

Nobody wants to break the bank and spend more for less.

The leading idea of Holds&Walls is to provide quality materials and service and build a long-term relationship with investors for further collaborations, renovations, etc.

We want you to benefit the most from your new climbing hall, make a proper return on your investment and offer astonishing quality service for your clients.

With that being said, we offer some of the finest brands in the niche you will find in Europe and we are ready to execute the goal until desired goals are reached.

It might sound a bit of a cliché, but we do not take work for granted here. We exceed in providing the best materials and service you can find for a seamless climbing experience.

Holds&Walls gives the most accurate wholesale prices on the market and our team of professionals will make sure you receive an irresistible offer. We are open to collaboration at all times, make sure to reach out to our team. Drop us a line here.

Common Mistakes Investors Makes When Building Climbing Centers

common mistakes when building climbing centers

As we discussed some of the main points of building a climbing hall and pivotal elements to watch if you want to save time, money, and effort in our previous articles, we are going to proceed with a relevant topic that investors encounter along the way — potential mistakes.

Truth be told, although mistakes are made in most cases from investors, there are multiple ways to not face any when you decide to expand your business and build your climbing center.

In the current article, we are going to discuss the most common mistakes investors make along the way and why it is important to work with an experienced team that will guide you until the desired results are achieved.

What are these mistakes?

To make it clear for you, we’ve chosen some mistake points that are made by a huge percentage of professionals and business partners.

Let’s begin with a mistake so common, that most investors and therefore their business suffer in the long shot — choosing the wrong company to work with.

Yes, we’ve said it. It happens so when an investor has a company in mind, he might not see some potential warnings and road bricks that are going to have a negative impact in the future.

Some of them are:

  • The company can’t offer full equipment solutions (when we talk about building a climbing center from scratch)
  • The company doesn’t have a variety of brands, volumes, and materials (this can lead to budget adjusting problems and further payment complications)
  • The company just doesn’t have enough experience (there are new “cats” on the market that try to take their share but to achieve this, they need to build a respected portfolio and master their craft with ongoing projects)

At Holds&Walls we are proud to present our 8+ years of experience and a big project list that floods over Austria and other countries in Europe.

You can take a further look at all the gyms that we have equipped here and reached maximum results, long-term relationships with investors, and even more contacts with potential clients.

Do you have a business idea and you are ready for further discussions? Drop us a line.

Another common mistake that investors encounter is communication.

Count on communication

Business is a universal language and building the proper long-term relationships with investors is not an easy task. Not all professional companies manage to keep their clients due to lack of experience, expertise, and wrong approach.

At Holds&Walls we are having one foundation on which we start to build a climbing center or any additional project — that is “you”.

Our team will communicate with you throughout the whole process. We want to get in your head and make all of your visions and desires come to life. In the best way, of course.

Communication with us is pivotal because of the research we tend to do in the beginning.

After you give us measures and plans for the gym, we will proceed with our 3D modeling project. This will be the final call before taking any further action to build the climbing center.

When both sides agree on terms and conditions and have our contracts ready, Holds&Walls will get to work.

What are the consequences of encountering mistakes?

No respected business wants to make mistakes with the investment. It happens sometimes that it is due to external factors that some problems may occur.

Of course, everything can be fixed as soon as you choose to work with professionals that know their job and have an individual approach to your case.

At Holds&Walls we try to minimize all mistakes to zero because we are believers in the six/sigma quality work process and we are continuously improving.

Sadly, this is not the case with some climbing hall providing companies and investors can suffer big time on the following parts:

  • Not receiving quality volumes, routes, and materials
  • Losing more money than they can afford (exceeding budget)
  • Not going all the way in finishing their gym (contract complications, inability to finish work, and partial equipment delivery)
  • Exceeding delivery dates, miscalculations in agreements, etc.

If you want to get past problems of such kind, you can always communicate with our team and send inquiries.

How to avoid mistakes and succeed with your climbing center?

At Holds&Walls we happen to work with the best problem-solving team when it comes to finding solutions for your climbing center.

We want you to have full transparency of the project, price lists, and brands that we are working with.

We firmly believe that when we present all information to our investors, we are minimizing the possibility of mistakes along the way and we are going to bring astonishing results to the table.

Our team uses the finest of materials and is cooperating with brands that have a great history in producing holds, walls, volume materials, and parts that are reliable in building a second-to-none climbing center.

Mistakes are avoidable when you know the team you are putting your trust in. We are always one email or call away from getting back to you and giving you an offer that is truly worth it.

Tens of satisfied clients and even more long-term relationships with gym owners are what make our quality work a priority in every next venture.

Holds&Walls is the artificial climbing wall builder that you can trust. We will distribute volumes and holds of the highest quality directly from the factory and the team will have everything built up.

Forget about making any mistakes and check out our finest volume selection.

We are open to your next big project. Link with us.

Climbing Centers decomposed: how to create one without wasting time, money, and energy?

climbing centers

Have you already decided to step further and invest in a new venture including a climbing hall?

If so, your climbing center is surely the main priority project that emerges lots of questions when it comes to the execution.

Do not worry, we got you covered on this one.

As an investor, you should make time to share ideas and fulfill them, not to get trapped with too many unresolved questions, payments, fees which will only result in wasting precious time and energy.

In this current blog post, we are going to walk you briefly through the main stages when working with our team at Holds&Walls.

We are counting on a professional attitude from your side and we will deliver an incredible opportunity to start your climbing center seamlessly.

Stay with us on this one to see our point of view from experience on the common problems investors are facing, how to resolve them and how our team at Holds&Walls will help you with building your versatile climbing hall.

Common problems of investors when launching a climbing center

At Holds&Walls we try not to use the word “problems” but it happens that in most situations there are many stages to solve before launching the climbing center.

Some of them are:

  • Giving adequate information and measures – yes, that is right. Our team takes this as the first and most pivotal step before making any projections, so if there are any miscalculations, we would come to the place and measure every inch all over. Precision is “a must” in our work.
  • Different visions – it happens that sometimes our vision and the investors are a bit different at planning. With proper understanding, sharing efficient ways, and know-how on the process, we are going to discuss until both sides agree. (This is the situation where it may take time and both physical and mental energy, but so far, we achieved impeccable results on previous projects)
  • Payment – indeed, every project with H&W is individual, so offers will depend on materials, volumes, measures of the climbing hall, and work that is done. That is why we prepare all information in our contracts so you know every part of the payment and working process until the climbing center is fully ready.

These are some of the pivotal “problems” that may occur along the way. We would like to turn them into an opportunity to show full transparency and professionalism and build a long-lasting relationship with our investors.

“Problems” that are solvable with Holds&Walls

As we mentioned, Holds&Walls tries to take it one step further and solve all complications and misunderstandings along the process.

With more than 8 years of experience, we are proud to say that we do help businesses and investors from all over Europe, not just Austria.

We are finding solutions and creating astonishing climbing centers. The Holds&Walls team has a great variety of products for climbing coming from one supplier. We do think this formula solves many production and delivery “problems” by default.

What else do we offer to solve some so-called “problems and concerns”?

  • Wholesale prices
  • Lower transport costs which save both time and money
  • Quantity discounts and preferential terms
  • Proven track record and professional attitude

More information about prices on our brands, parts, volumes, and walls can download and see here.

We would be glad to work together and be the main distributor of holds and volumes for your climbing center.

Communication is the key with our team at H&W

If there is one foundation on which we build our relationship with investors, then that has to be “communication”.

To us, communicating and understanding your deepest desires, visions, and what you are trying to do with your future climbing center is pivotal to building an effective strategy and offer later on.

After we reach an agreement on how you see the design, then we can proceed to 3D modeling and present you the final project. When there is an agreement on both sides, we can proceed with preparing the contract.

Our contracts do require agreement on starting the working process, payment plan, and monitoring of reached milestones.

During this, we will be available for communication every day since we have the climbing center ready for launch.

Also, you do not need to waste any more time and energy planning further steps, because in our contract Holds&Walls will do the job accordingly.

Building a climbing center is not a “small task”. We do understand that you as an investor and business owner have a ton of other professional responsibilities to take care of.

Our team is excellent at project management and we will keep you updated on further steps at all times.

As it is shown by now, we have helped many businesses start their new ventures with climbing halls and we can guarantee you that you can put your trust in us.

The verdict

We will be straight honest with you – it takes time, energy, and effort to build the dreamy climbing center.

With the right team behind your back that is willing to distribute the materials, do the work, and delivery, you have way fewer responsibilities to worry about.

Holds&Walls has been on the European market for long enough to know how to accept inquires and create special Business-to-Business (B2B) relationships that last for years.

We are sure we can transform your sport space and hall into a wonderful climbing center that will generate profit, more attending people and positivity.

Start your adventure with climbing, save time, money, and energy with Holds&Walls. Contact our team at any time.  We are just one message away.

What Does it Take to Build a Climbing Hall?

building a climbing wall

Quick question. Right off the start. Are you thinking of finding a new business model to rise from the ashes of the Pandemic?

As we are all, slowly but surely, getting back on track worldwide from lockdowns, closed cinemas, shopping malls, and fitness centers, then we at Holds&Walls think that it is time to present an idea that will be beneficial and grows stronger every single day since sport climbing has been added as a discipline at the Olympics.

Stay with us for a few minutes and find out if this idea will spark your creative side and you would want to invest in a business model that has unmatched potential and demand.

What needs to be done to build a climbing hall that will stand the test of time and create an open space for other individuals to climb, have fun with friends and family, improve their climbing skills and relieve the stress from everyday activities?

Let’s begin with the basics first and we will later get to the top, shall we?

Prerequisites of Building a Climbing Hall

Always start with “Why?”

To us “why” is among the first steps and in most cases the biggest asset to creating a long-term business relationship in the process of building a climbing hall.

At Holds&Walls we will help with the proper execution of all parts later in the process but first, we need to know your vision and what drives you.

After we share a common understanding of how things should be, we can start by sharing more information on the location you have in mind, the type of business you are running or plan to start.

Let’s say you are a successful gym owner. This should be mentioned, too, there are other crucial factors like location of the gym, what people think of your service up until that moment and if you would be able to switch your strategy and promote your new business such as launching a climbing hall.

All of this should and would be discussed with our team because it does play a role in further development and achieving goals.

You can find out more about our 8+ years of experience in building astonishing Holds&Walls projects and offering top-quality volumes to make people’s business ideas come to life.

Our team is fully engaged in creating a plan that brings real results and your deepest desires in building a climbing hall will be fulfilled.

But first. Location is what we need to figure out. What place do you want to turn into a mesmerizing climbing hall? A Gym? Or you have an abandoned room and you wonder how to turn it into a scalable project? Reach out and let’s discuss.

The Importance of Location in Building a Climbing Hall

At Holds&Walls we can truly say that we are proud of working with professionals, gym owners that we share common ideas with not only in Vienna but other places in Austria and Europe.

In our catalog, we have helped tens of gyms to build original, competitive, and safe climbing walls with second to none design.

In fact, our team does not work by default and only measures locations. All of our walls, climbing volumes and hall designs are custom made and we are “adjusting” our professional volume parts to each location.

Whether you are a gym owner or have a space that is not in proper use at the moment, we are open to further discussions to turn it into an outstanding climbing hall.

Here is how the process goes with us in a couple of steps:

  • The client gives detailed information, plans, and photos about the location.
  • Then, we need to know how many walls does he want to have in it.
  • After that, our team will measure every possible angle and have the information ready as soon as possible.
  • Here comes 3D design and modeling. If the client likes what he sees, then we proceed to formulate the offer and further details in payment processes and execution.

As you can see, the process of figuring everything out about the specific location is not that hard, but requires responsibility, sharing common visions, and presenting detailed information.

Our precise work at Holds&Walls requires dedication through the process and we are proud to present satisfied clients we have worked with in the past here.

We made it clear about choosing the location, what it takes before construction, now it is time to dive deep into the whole process of building a climbing hall.

Step-by-Step Guide in Building a Climbing Hall

Location and measures are great as a foundation but later in the process of building a climbing hall, some steps should be executed right to finish all amazing projects.

Great companies do not do anything by half. As cliché as it may sound but from our experience, it is the absolute truth.

Our materials:

At Holds&Walls quality always comes first. There is no exception in all parts of the working process.

Starting with the materials, we use high-quality materials for the walls and volumes.

  1. Highly-durable plywood birch
  2. Stainless metal inserts
  3. Abrasive textures for durability

Not only that, our materials do come in a wide specter of colors to make climbing more fun, vibrant, and pleasing.

After choosing all parts for the walls and the number of volumes, metal inserts, and colors, our team takes full responsibility for creating everything about the ongoing offer. This includes prices, contracts, engineering documents and regulations, delivery dates, and payment processes.

When these steps are all done and both sides agree on the terms, we can start with delivery and engineering right away.

To be completely honest with you, the process may take a lot of working hours, some “adjustments” along the way but in the end, it would be worth it.

Our professionals are so dedicated to the process that we do not look at building walls as work but as an opportunity for long-term relationships with appreciated clients.

When everything is done and the walls are ready, we will remain in touch at all times for further discussions and questions.

Already interested in our products and services? Check our volume sets, materials, and parts on this page.  

Final words

Well, we told you that the article takes a few minutes to read but we are sure also that it can spark your creative business side.

If we got you hooked and want to know more about climbing walls, building a climbing hall to expand your business, then at Holds&Walls has a lot more to offer.

Our team is a believer that climbing is not only beneficial for the body but the mind as well.

With the opportunity of having a climbing hall people can discover themselves, rise above obstacles from different dimensions and lead the way.

For business inquires, feel free to drop us a line at any moment and you will receive detailed information, prices, and B2B (Business-to-Business) terms and conditions right away. Lead the way to the top with a “little help” from the team of Holds&Walls.