Climbing Centers decomposed: how to create one without wasting time, money, and energy?

climbing centers

Have you already decided to step further and invest in a new venture including a climbing hall?

If so, your climbing center is surely the main priority project that emerges lots of questions when it comes to the execution.

Do not worry, we got you covered on this one.

As an investor, you should make time to share ideas and fulfill them, not to get trapped with too many unresolved questions, payments, fees which will only result in wasting precious time and energy.

In this current blog post, we are going to walk you briefly through the main stages when working with our team at Holds&Walls.

We are counting on a professional attitude from your side and we will deliver an incredible opportunity to start your climbing center seamlessly.

Stay with us on this one to see our point of view from experience on the common problems investors are facing, how to resolve them and how our team at Holds&Walls will help you with building your versatile climbing hall.

Common problems of investors when launching a climbing center

At Holds&Walls we try not to use the word “problems” but it happens that in most situations there are many stages to solve before launching the climbing center.

Some of them are:

  • Giving adequate information and measures – yes, that is right. Our team takes this as the first and most pivotal step before making any projections, so if there are any miscalculations, we would come to the place and measure every inch all over. Precision is “a must” in our work.
  • Different visions – it happens that sometimes our vision and the investors are a bit different at planning. With proper understanding, sharing efficient ways, and know-how on the process, we are going to discuss until both sides agree. (This is the situation where it may take time and both physical and mental energy, but so far, we achieved impeccable results on previous projects)
  • Payment – indeed, every project with H&W is individual, so offers will depend on materials, volumes, measures of the climbing hall, and work that is done. That is why we prepare all information in our contracts so you know every part of the payment and working process until the climbing center is fully ready.

These are some of the pivotal “problems” that may occur along the way. We would like to turn them into an opportunity to show full transparency and professionalism and build a long-lasting relationship with our investors.

“Problems” that are solvable with Holds&Walls

As we mentioned, Holds&Walls tries to take it one step further and solve all complications and misunderstandings along the process.

With more than 8 years of experience, we are proud to say that we do help businesses and investors from all over Europe, not just Austria.

We are finding solutions and creating astonishing climbing centers. The Holds&Walls team has a great variety of products for climbing coming from one supplier. We do think this formula solves many production and delivery “problems” by default.

What else do we offer to solve some so-called “problems and concerns”?

  • Wholesale prices
  • Lower transport costs which save both time and money
  • Quantity discounts and preferential terms
  • Proven track record and professional attitude

More information about prices on our brands, parts, volumes, and walls can download and see here.

We would be glad to work together and be the main distributor of holds and volumes for your climbing center.

Communication is the key with our team at H&W

If there is one foundation on which we build our relationship with investors, then that has to be “communication”.

To us, communicating and understanding your deepest desires, visions, and what you are trying to do with your future climbing center is pivotal to building an effective strategy and offer later on.

After we reach an agreement on how you see the design, then we can proceed to 3D modeling and present you the final project. When there is an agreement on both sides, we can proceed with preparing the contract.

Our contracts do require agreement on starting the working process, payment plan, and monitoring of reached milestones.

During this, we will be available for communication every day since we have the climbing center ready for launch.

Also, you do not need to waste any more time and energy planning further steps, because in our contract Holds&Walls will do the job accordingly.

Building a climbing center is not a “small task”. We do understand that you as an investor and business owner have a ton of other professional responsibilities to take care of.

Our team is excellent at project management and we will keep you updated on further steps at all times.

As it is shown by now, we have helped many businesses start their new ventures with climbing halls and we can guarantee you that you can put your trust in us.

The verdict

We will be straight honest with you – it takes time, energy, and effort to build the dreamy climbing center.

With the right team behind your back that is willing to distribute the materials, do the work, and delivery, you have way fewer responsibilities to worry about.

Holds&Walls has been on the European market for long enough to know how to accept inquires and create special Business-to-Business (B2B) relationships that last for years.

We are sure we can transform your sport space and hall into a wonderful climbing center that will generate profit, more attending people and positivity.

Start your adventure with climbing, save time, money, and energy with Holds&Walls. Contact our team at any time.  We are just one message away.

What Does it Take to Build a Climbing Hall?

building a climbing wall

Quick question. Right off the start. Are you thinking of finding a new business model to rise from the ashes of the Pandemic?

As we are all, slowly but surely, getting back on track worldwide from lockdowns, closed cinemas, shopping malls, and fitness centers, then we at Holds&Walls think that it is time to present an idea that will be beneficial and grows stronger every single day since sport climbing has been added as a discipline at the Olympics.

Stay with us for a few minutes and find out if this idea will spark your creative side and you would want to invest in a business model that has unmatched potential and demand.

What needs to be done to build a climbing hall that will stand the test of time and create an open space for other individuals to climb, have fun with friends and family, improve their climbing skills and relieve the stress from everyday activities?

Let’s begin with the basics first and we will later get to the top, shall we?

Prerequisites of Building a Climbing Hall

Always start with “Why?”

To us “why” is among the first steps and in most cases the biggest asset to creating a long-term business relationship in the process of building a climbing hall.

At Holds&Walls we will help with the proper execution of all parts later in the process but first, we need to know your vision and what drives you.

After we share a common understanding of how things should be, we can start by sharing more information on the location you have in mind, the type of business you are running or plan to start.

Let’s say you are a successful gym owner. This should be mentioned, too, there are other crucial factors like location of the gym, what people think of your service up until that moment and if you would be able to switch your strategy and promote your new business such as launching a climbing hall.

All of this should and would be discussed with our team because it does play a role in further development and achieving goals.

You can find out more about our 8+ years of experience in building astonishing Holds&Walls projects and offering top-quality volumes to make people’s business ideas come to life.

Our team is fully engaged in creating a plan that brings real results and your deepest desires in building a climbing hall will be fulfilled.

But first. Location is what we need to figure out. What place do you want to turn into a mesmerizing climbing hall? A Gym? Or you have an abandoned room and you wonder how to turn it into a scalable project? Reach out and let’s discuss.

The Importance of Location in Building a Climbing Hall

At Holds&Walls we can truly say that we are proud of working with professionals, gym owners that we share common ideas with not only in Vienna but other places in Austria and Europe.

In our catalog, we have helped tens of gyms to build original, competitive, and safe climbing walls with second to none design.

In fact, our team does not work by default and only measures locations. All of our walls, climbing volumes and hall designs are custom made and we are “adjusting” our professional volume parts to each location.

Whether you are a gym owner or have a space that is not in proper use at the moment, we are open to further discussions to turn it into an outstanding climbing hall.

Here is how the process goes with us in a couple of steps:

  • The client gives detailed information, plans, and photos about the location.
  • Then, we need to know how many walls does he want to have in it.
  • After that, our team will measure every possible angle and have the information ready as soon as possible.
  • Here comes 3D design and modeling. If the client likes what he sees, then we proceed to formulate the offer and further details in payment processes and execution.

As you can see, the process of figuring everything out about the specific location is not that hard, but requires responsibility, sharing common visions, and presenting detailed information.

Our precise work at Holds&Walls requires dedication through the process and we are proud to present satisfied clients we have worked with in the past here.

We made it clear about choosing the location, what it takes before construction, now it is time to dive deep into the whole process of building a climbing hall.

Step-by-Step Guide in Building a Climbing Hall

Location and measures are great as a foundation but later in the process of building a climbing hall, some steps should be executed right to finish all amazing projects.

Great companies do not do anything by half. As cliché as it may sound but from our experience, it is the absolute truth.

Our materials:

At Holds&Walls quality always comes first. There is no exception in all parts of the working process.

Starting with the materials, we use high-quality materials for the walls and volumes.

  1. Highly-durable plywood birch
  2. Stainless metal inserts
  3. Abrasive textures for durability

Not only that, our materials do come in a wide specter of colors to make climbing more fun, vibrant, and pleasing.

After choosing all parts for the walls and the number of volumes, metal inserts, and colors, our team takes full responsibility for creating everything about the ongoing offer. This includes prices, contracts, engineering documents and regulations, delivery dates, and payment processes.

When these steps are all done and both sides agree on the terms, we can start with delivery and engineering right away.

To be completely honest with you, the process may take a lot of working hours, some “adjustments” along the way but in the end, it would be worth it.

Our professionals are so dedicated to the process that we do not look at building walls as work but as an opportunity for long-term relationships with appreciated clients.

When everything is done and the walls are ready, we will remain in touch at all times for further discussions and questions.

Already interested in our products and services? Check our volume sets, materials, and parts on this page.  

Final words

Well, we told you that the article takes a few minutes to read but we are sure also that it can spark your creative business side.

If we got you hooked and want to know more about climbing walls, building a climbing hall to expand your business, then at Holds&Walls has a lot more to offer.

Our team is a believer that climbing is not only beneficial for the body but the mind as well.

With the opportunity of having a climbing hall people can discover themselves, rise above obstacles from different dimensions and lead the way.

For business inquires, feel free to drop us a line at any moment and you will receive detailed information, prices, and B2B (Business-to-Business) terms and conditions right away. Lead the way to the top with a “little help” from the team of Holds&Walls.