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These holds and volumes last forever: how to differentiate good products from top-quality ones?

these holds and volumes last forever

Climbing halls are a great place for sports activities or use them as a recreational tool and one pivotal element comes first – safety.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional climber, you should be cautious and go to climbing centers that can provide full information on their hold technology, volumes provider, and quality.

Yes, we do agree, holds and volumes are made from materials that are built to last. There is one “but…”

There are key elements that will differentiate good holds from top-class products that are made not only to last for years but to advance in design, usability and is beneficial for the user experience.

In the current blog post, we are going to dive deep into the products Holds&Walls offer and we will formulate a verdict based on our experience on how we proceed in providing second-to-none quality climbing materials for customers.

Let’s get straight to the point.

What are the differences between multiple technologies which produce better holds and volumes?

Our team at H&W will make sure you understand simply what we use in creating our top-quality holds and volumes.

We work with professionals which distribute the highest quality materials for your model volumes, holds, t-nuts, and metal inserts.

We strive for precision in every little element. We do not compromise quality and investors that are working with us know that this is our in-house company mantra.

Our volume transformers are made through a technology that interacts with one another once they are placed on the wall. This creates great mobility for climbers and it can create intensity on different spots on it.

Let’s talk about abrasive texture, shall we?

The surface texture on our volumes is coated with an abrasive one that maintains incredible friction and surface durability.

We are counting on these three high-quality materials that are forming our products: plywood birch, stainless metal insights, and as we said abrasive texture.

If you want to receive more information on prices and our offers, you can freely contact us here

We can offer mesmerizing volume sets, vibrant colors, and such attention to detail, that will transform your gym into the climbing hall that you always wanted.

 Do the prices matter?

Well, that’s a question that is asked from all investors and as it should.

With our team at Holds&Walls, you can be sure you are getting more for the investment you make.

It may sound like a cliché but our experience and satisfied clients show that going the extra mile for them to achieve astonishing results is the key.

Our company works with some of the best brands you will find on the market and we insist on giving full transparency and detailed contracts throughout the deal.

You will know everything for which you are paying for and this will lead to the formulation of the final price, goals, and finished project at the end.

Business ideas and budget are great to start with but our team will make sure all further parts such as design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation are taken care of promptly.

Also, you may already know this, but Holds&Walls as representing all of these brands is taking the role of a wholesale supplier. This is a huge plus in the working process, deadlines, and offering the newest trend in holds and volumes on the market.

To answer shortly: “Yes, it does matter and our team wants you to make the right decision in working with a professional team of the utmost quality.”

You can download and see all exclusive price lists with the brands we are partnering with.

How does investing in the proper equipment save money in the long term?

Starting with the fact we mentioned earlier, if you choose to work with Holds&Walls, then you are dealing with a wholesale supplier.

This will exceed the process of taking measures, 3D modeling, and providing the most suitable walls, volumes, and parts for your case.

Also, delivery dates will be shorter, depending on the contract, but in our expertise, we are proud to say that 100% of our finished projects were done and ready to launch accordingly.

See a list of our clients with full-equipment projects.

That’s not all. Holds&Walls will offer partial solutions for the climbing halls that are already in the business and do want to keep up their walls to date.

Tens of climbing businesses have chosen our team and our partial equipment. Talk to us at any time if that’s the case with you.

Working with a wholesale supplier do saves time, effort, and money respectively.

No matter how big your current or future project is, you can always minimize costs but not decrease in quality.

Final thoughts

H&W allows adjusting to your budget and starting a successful business that will last in time. Not only that, using the wholesale products we offer, you can be 100% sure of ultimate quality materials and safety regulations.

Are you already convinced in working with us?

That’s amazing! We are looking for mutual collaboration, too. Drop us a line on our email or contact us on social media.

Georgi Kondev

Georgi Kondev

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