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H&W Volumes – shop

H&W 15
SET 2pcs
228,00 354,00  incl. VAT
H&W 14
184,80 412,80  incl. VAT
H&W 13
210,00  incl. VAT
H&W 12
82,80 198,00  incl. VAT
H&W 11
169,20 212,40  incl. VAT
H&W 10
132,00 162,00  incl. VAT
H&W 09
85,20 100,80  incl. VAT
H&W 08
138,00 255,60  incl. VAT
H&W 07
136,80 264,00  incl. VAT
H&W 06
129,60 328,80  incl. VAT
H&W 05
62,40 174,00  incl. VAT
H&W 04
51,60 98,40  incl. VAT
91,20 97,20  incl. VAT
45,60 49,20  incl. VAT
H&W 01
68,40 204,00  incl. VAT

The missing dimension

H&W Volumes are made with the same precision as our climbing walls and the attention to detail is what make them stand out from the crowd.

We are always expanding our portfolio so we can give setters practically infinite possibilities to use them in the place of the holds themselves or completely change the wall and turn one static and flat feature, into dynamically changing 3D space.

Volume Transformers

Some of our models were designed to interact with one another to create visually stunning new dimensions. Setters can combine sets or mix and match to alter the climbing terrain as they want. 

Surface Texture

Just like our climbing walls, H&W Volumes are coated with abrasive texture to maintain the balance between perfect friction and surface durability.

Material that lasts

highly durable surfaces
The 3 elements...

Plywood birch

Stainless metal inserts

Abrasive texture

Vibrant Colors

You can request your own color

Volume sets

Bow / Set H&W 14
1.128,00 1.152,00  incl. VAT
Set H&W 12
414,00  incl. VAT
Set H&W 11
372,00  incl. VAT
Set H&W 10
288,00  incl. VAT
Set H&W 911
378,00 466,80  incl. VAT
Set H&W 09
194,40  incl. VAT
Set H&W 08
568,80 586,80  incl. VAT
Set H&W 07
596,40 614,40  incl. VAT
Set H&W 06
888,00 912,00  incl. VAT
set H&W 05
330,00 348,00  incl. VAT
H&W Set 04
211,20 217,20  incl. VAT
Set H&W 02 + 03
132,00 140,40  incl. VAT
Set H&W 01
378,00 396,00  incl. VAT

Attention to the detail

We truly believe that success comes due to high commitment, attention to detail and precision of work. Each end every H&W Volume is constructed without any compromise.

High-Grade-T-Nuts and Stainless metal inserts

High-grade serviceable T-Nuts maximize the durability of our volumes and ensure long service life, while the stainless steel metal inserts in the pre-drilled mounting holes prevent mounting screws from pulling through, which is one of the most common problems with wooden climbing volumes.