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How to choose the best location for your climbing gym?

how to choose the best location for your climbing gym

The process of building a climbing gym and choosing the proper location for it are not easy tasks and you should be extra cautious during the process.

In this article, we will walk you through the process when you are planning to invest in a climbing gym and how to reap the benefits without making any serious mistakes along the way.

This includes choosing the location. You should decide whether you are going to renovate an old facility, gym or hall or go all in to a new one. Also, we should note that choosing the right company that is going to build up 3D models and will execute for that process is pivotal.

At Holds&Walls we have more than 8 years of experience with big clients and different types of them. Some do want full-equipment renovation and others are counting on partial equipment from us.

In both cases, we are approaching every next case individually and so far, what we have accomplished is off the chain.

Let’s stop with the boasting and dive deep into practical ways on how to choose the best location for your climbing gym, some advice from our expertise during the years, and what it takes to achieve outstanding results.

Choose the location according to your budget

Every accountable investor should start with the budget first. Budgets play the largest role in choosing the location because you should know how big the place will be if you are going to build it up from scratch or renovate an old one.

Investors that are managing Spa and sports facilities can choose to renovate a part of their current halls and turn them into a climbing hall. That’s a pretty good idea and we have many clients in your portfolio that decided to do just that. You can take a look at our projects.

Choosing the location according to square area

Another pivotal factor is how big you want the location to be. There are big climbing centers with walls for different types of climbing and there are small ones that are smaller than 200 square meters.

Holds&Walls worked with investors that do have locations with more than 1500 sq.m. in mind for the whole project.

When you combine how big the location you are planning to be + your budget, then you can decide the next factors as well.

Choose the location for different types of climbing

As you may already know or you are getting into this now, multiple types of climbing require different setups, walls, volumes, and equipment.

As an investor, it is important to choose what service you are going to provide and what is your customer audience. If you are going to provide multiple climbing walls, then these are the most common types to choose from:

  • Bouldering – it does involve more routes that are close to the ground
  • Lead climbing – that type of climbing is for people that are way more advanced in the sport and they need special equipment to go higher.
  • Top-rope climbing – here you are secure with a rope and the needed equipment to climb higher. It is suitable for people that are past beginners and want to explore the climbing niche.

Also, another pivotal element is how difficult the routes in the gyms would be. Normally, for smaller gyms, there can be fewer options and for bigger ones, you can choose to build a route for everyone – from kids to professional climbers.

Choose the location based on marketing research

Yes, that is right. When you are picking up a potential location for your climbing gym, you should first know if there is demand before the supply.

Nobody wants to create the hall and lose money when it comes to inconsistent interest, fewer bookings, and the inability of clients to find you on the map.

Locations are crucial for successful businesses and having a top-tier one will make or break your success. What else are you providing as a business? Is this climbing gym going to be a part of a shopping center, Spa center, Sports center, or a recreational place where you have a “consistent flow” of clients?

If yes, then you are good to start. Reach out to Holds&Walls.

If not, then you should make sure your location is a great one and people would be able to book and arrive at it effortlessly.

From our expertise, you can start with the marketing research from your team and put surveys, even put some social media ads to see if there is demand. According to the results, you can shape your next steps in the process and discuss this with your colleagues, marketing managers, and business partners.

You can discuss it with the team of Holds&Walls, of course. We know how to build astonishing climbing centers and that’s our main focus for the last 8 years. Contact our team.

Final words on choosing the proper location for your climbing gym

Do not get discouraged if you meet a couple of bumps along the road. It happens to the best.

What you need in that situation is to rethink all of your options, calculate your budget promptly and talk to a professional wholesaler like our team at Holds&Walls.

It will only get more interesting from there because we are driven to provide top-class bouldering materials and walls straight out from the factory and you should not worry about problems with delivery, innovation, or any terms – our team got all of this on all 24/7.

Choose to work with us and we will walk you through the whole process. We will take measurements of your hall, then build a 3D model and if you like what you see on paper, then this is what you will get when the H&W team is done. We are always one email or call away from building a successful business model. Let’s climb together.

Georgi Kondev

Georgi Kondev

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