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Bringing the Olympics to your climbing center

bringint the Olympics to your climbing center

Bouldering revolutionized the Olympics and made its incredible debut at this year’s edition.

Sport climbing did make something incredible in Tokyo and marked its place next to sports disciplines as karate, swimming, gymnastics, badminton, and fencing among others.

You can see now that wall climbing is becoming a “bigger deal” worldwide and interest in it will only go stronger as years pass by.

That’s why we are taking our time to dedicate this blog post on bouldering, how the connection to the Olympics is making it a top-tier sport, and why you should look at it as an opportunity for profitable investments and a successful business model.

It is no secret that this year’s induction into the Olympics 2020 was praised by many climbing enthusiasts and professionals.

As more and more climbing gyms are opening in the USA and Europe, the sport is becoming extremely popular, especially to the younger generation.

There were three main disciplines at climbing at the Olympics:

  • Bouldering
  • Lead climbing
  • Speed climbing

That’s some great news. If you have a climbing gym you can surely renovate it or upgrade it and meet the requirements for the disciplines. That’s a new approach to attracting more professionals or climbing enthusiasts to train at your center.

With that being said, we are going to proceed with answering a question that will make sure you will love the idea of having a professional climbing center and marketing is a place where people can exceed their climbing skills.

What holds and volumes were used at the Olympics in Tokyo?

As for all sports events, certain terms and regulations should be kept to build the climbing facility of the Olympics. Why are we mentioning this?

Here are some pivotal ones:

Objective criteria

  • Quality of the product: Durability and materials
  • Production location
  • Innovation: Including brands with a history of innovation and development
  • Design: Variety of models and shapes and 3D modeling versions

Event-specific criteria – Producing full sets of holds, macros, volumes:

  • Should have a large variety of shapes allowing versatile setting
  • Should make sense in its entirety
  • Should be fit for the highest level of competition climbing
  • Should encompass both Lead and Bouldering competitions
  • Should fit the specific profiles of the Tokyo walls
  • Should match the Tokyo 2020 look
  • Should be used for training and other competitions

We should note that Holds&Walls is one of the innovative and competitive wholesale suppliers of holds and volumes and we are striving for 100% compliance with such terms.

When it comes to building your climbing gym center, you should trust our professionalism and discuss everything about the process with our team. Contact us here.

We are mentioning all of this because we understand that an investment in renovating or building your climbing center from scratch is not an easy process.

Why using top-class holds and volumes will improve your image?

People always want the best quality when they pay to use something. It is in our nature and it is pretty understandable, too.

The same applies to climbing. Imagine if you have a climbing center built with holds and volumes that are of the same quality as the Olympics. Well, here it is – a gold mine for you to cherish.

With proper advertising, you can attract huge groups of climbing enthusiasts and professionals all over Europe and they will prefer your climbing walls.

Especially, reviews from coming customers are so important for the younger generations. Some people even say that multiplying bookings and sales are based on seen reviews.

If you know you offer a top-quality service with our holds and volumes from Holds&Walls, then you should take the next step in marketing your gym the right way so everyone can hear about it.

If you want an innovative climbing center as a part of your portfolio and the services you provide, talk to the specialist at H&W and we will work things out. See more about our shop.

How and why to find the best climbing offers?

Well, if what we wrote about our top-quality products above isn’t convincing enough, then we should try a little harder.

Factors that are important at Holds&Walls in holds, volumes, and building climbing walls:

  • Holds, volumes, and surface texture will stand the test of time (We are using the finest abrasive texture, stainless steel pins, and parts for materials that will last years)
  • Interactive design – we are innovating some of our volumes, so according to the type of climbing and difficulty you can create the perfect wall for both beginners and advanced climbers
  • Incredible volume sets – our volume sets are made for each other. They will “stick” and “click” as soon as they are embedded on the wall
  • Vibrant colors – colors can make climbing into the wildest adventure some people are taking participation in. We are offering a full set of colors to design your climbing gym promptly.

Final sentences

If you want to be a winner like the ones at the Olympics, there are other ways you can achieve greatness. If you are having a grasp on investing smartly and have the place to start a climbing hall, then this is an option that will stay wide open for you.

Be a champion in providing a climbing experience so great, that people will not only notice but will boost your brand around town or your country. Take the Olympics into your climbing gym and lead the way to the top.

Georgi Kondev

Georgi Kondev

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