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CASE STUDY: How our team at Holds&Walls helped FREIZI in creating a custom climbing hall

case study Building a climbing wall Do you know what it takes

Throughout the years, Holds&Walls has exceeded in both working with great clients and giving the utmost results when it comes to building climbing halls and turning ordinary gym centers into a true climbing adventure.

Today, we have decided to share the process of working with a client of ours that originally was managing tennis halls but expanded their business model with another route – the climbing route.

So, how does a tennis hall like the one below turn into a functional climbing center?

Some photos of the tennis hall sent by the client….

Plans on paper of the tennis hall….

We are talking about our project with FREIZI and you will visually see the transformation process from beginning to end.

We are going to lead you through this case study on how we cooperated and made something spectacular together.

Let’s start from the very beginning

Before FREIZI became one of our trusted clients, it took an individual process for their case to design and build the climbing hall for the investor.

It all started with an inquiry after another client has referred us as the company that would help in building a climbing hall for bouldering. Throughout our 8+ years of experience in the niche, we can proudly say that we helped many investors on versatile projects.

FREIZI decided to expand, as the company already provides numerous tennis courts, outdoor pool, badminton and sauna. More information about it you can find on the official website.

As bouldering trends are emerging in Austria for quite a while now, their executives decide that they are going to make an investment for one of the halls and turn it into a climbing one.

They contacted our team, gave us information about their property, which hall they plan to renovate and we talked further on all the steps from taking measurements, 3D modeling, contracts, executions, deadlines, and final adjustments before launching.

Our specialists at Holds&Walls went to FREIZI and took measurements. The results for this future climbing area got to be 580 sq. m.

This case study will make sure you grasp the whole process and will be rich in images from the very beginning, going through 3D modeling, finishing the full-equipment project, and even launch.

Contracts, further financing, and a long process of hard work

All right, it gets way more competitive and intriguing from here.

Holds&Walls researched the project, took exact measurements which we said to be a hall of 580 sq.m, and was ready to start with preparing all contracts. We discussed also the brands we are working with and chose the most suitable for the case:

The brands that were used for FREIZI’s case

When our team took measurements, hall plans and discussed further details with the investor, we were on the go to start our work together.

Engineering and visualizations

Take a first look at the models and how the climbing hall would look after all the project finishes execution:

Stay with us for a little longer and if you have any questions by now, contact us here.

We will try to minimize the long paragraphs and text, as the idea of our case study is to show you the full transformation of a tennis hall into a climbing one.

Still, we need to mention the steps of our working process:

  • Harvesting all information about the visions and desires of our client.
  • Receiving plans, measurements, and building details
  • Sending a team to take measurements
  • Going into 3D modeling mode and further engineering
  • Fulfilling a contract with the client + further talks about extra volumes, sets, and parts
  • Approval of contract
  • Partial advance payment
  • Project engineering and manufacturing
  • Delivery of walls, parts, and preparation to start the installation
  • Partial payments according to terms in the contract
  • Project acceptance
  • Final payment
  • Getting ready for launch

*Important note: Holds&Walls tries to optimize the process as much as possible. We are a wholesale supplier of holds, walls, and volumes and they are delivered after manufacturing straight from the factory. Drop us a line or call our team, we will give further information and instructions right away. Now let’s take the whole working process to the visual side and show you how far we have come from transforming FREIZI into a climbing center that thousands of people love.

We turned it into a place of not only climbing but a place of practice and having a good time with your loved ones.

Visually, step by step…

Turning these digital plans into reality…

Yes, as real as it gets, all of this looks fantastic…

Safe and highly-durable climbing walls and volumes for everyone…

Phew, you would say that’s a lot of working process.

Indeed, it is, but we managed to create something incredibly functional and beautiful.

If you want to reach such outstanding results and turn your investment into passions for many climbers, you can drop us a line at any time.

Just finished and Ready to Launch

We made it. The launch event, cameras, media coverage, and hundreds of happy faces – that was the atmosphere at FREIZI.

Since the climbing hall is functioning, the places at St. Georgen im Attergau have turned into a more compelling place to visit by people from all over Austria and tourists. Both kids and adults love the climbing halls and we can give you a glimpse of what the atmosphere at the center is.

People from all walks of life share their sympathies for this new and competitive climbing hall…

Climb, climb, climb…the top is near….

Climbing to new personal heights…

Final words on the project

That’s what we call taking boulder climbing to the next level. We thank FREIZI for the trust and together we achieved impeccable results. Our team at Holds&Walls is beyond grateful for the opportunity to work on a project that still expands and shows incredible potential every single day.

More information on events, bookings, courses and availability of FREIZI you can find on here or follow the latest news on social media.

Georgi Kondev

Georgi Kondev

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