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Halls & Walls 2021: Our POV on this year’s edition

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In a year full of controversy, lockdowns, and Pandemic after-effects, we would like to stand behind an event that alleviated the world of climbing and left a positive impact on many exhibiting companies.

We are talking about the first edition of Halls & Walls 2021 – an event for fellow climbing professionals and brands that explored further the beauty, versatility, and opportunities of climbing.

We are happy to say that our team at Holds&Walls did participate in the event, exchanged ideas with experts in the niche, and took a step ahead in providing the latest trends in climbing halls, walls, and gym centers.

In this article, we would like to express how grateful we are for the opportunity to collaborate and extend the knowledge around climbing gear to all visitors and participants. It was truly was an amazing time.

Also, we are going to explain briefly what the Halls & Walls event stands for, who is it for, what did organizers and attendees say about it and how do we see the future of it.

After that, we are not going to dive deep into any more text but with all the photos we have taken, we would like to transcend the innovative technological atmosphere that was spreading around the 20th of November 2021.

You are excited to know more, aren’t you?

About Halls & Walls 2021

Halls & Walls is the event for vertical professionals at which more than 140 companies from 23 countries exposed the latest trends in the climbing and safety sectors.

To many professionals, organizers, and press the first edition of Halls & Walls has been a total success even during these more challenging times when it comes to attending an event.

Our team totally agrees with the CEO – Messe Friedrichshafen Klaus Wellmann, who says that all preparation led to a “top-class success”.

Of course, directors, marketing staff, and people agree on that, too. If you are a fan of climbing, a big climbing enthusiast, or a professional climber, then Halls & Walls was the event for you.

The Halls & Walls 2021 event had places when you could:

  • enter the Demo + Test Area and try out for yourself – numerous workshops included, product tests, demonstrations, and training in real-time.
  • go to the Expo section – there all international manufacturers do present their latest models, innovations, and future project visions. The place was top-notch for boosting customer experience, feedback, and attracting trade fair offers.
  • visit the Forum & Networking – getting the latest know-how from the professionals is priceless. At Halls & Walls attending these lectures and receiving priceless information is possible.
  • Talk about the latest Trends and Innovations – discussions on new products, prototypes, and start-up ideas.

Believe it, Halls & Walls 2021 was an outstanding event at which many ideas were shared in the climbing niche.

The way our team at Holds&Walls looks at the VP event and organization is like a start to something much broader than what it was this year.

Imagine more participants, innovative technology, and fewer restrictions for live events. That would be great for next year.

We can conclude that Halls & Walls is the future for climbing events in Europe and we would be honored to participate and help with everything we can in the next editions.

Holds&Walls is sending props to the team behind this. They are amazing and more information can be found on their official website.

A climbing atmosphere worth a visit…

Here comes the best part. You would be able to witness how great and versatile of an even Halls & Walls 2021 was.

Here are some mesmerizing projects below:

Final verdict on Halls & Walls 2021

As far as the reviews go, we can agree that this event was full of opportunities to try, discuss and take notes on innovations.

We are impatiently waiting for next year’s edition where the whole thing seems to be much bigger, advanced, and will get to more people.

In the meantime, if you need a professional wholesaler, expert team, or need to discuss further ideas on investments in the climbing niche, you can always trust our team at Holds&Walls and contact us.

Georgi Kondev

Georgi Kondev

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