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Common Mistakes Investors Makes When Building Climbing Centers

common mistakes when building climbing centers

As we discussed some of the main points of building a climbing hall and pivotal elements to watch if you want to save time, money, and effort in our previous articles, we are going to proceed with a relevant topic that investors encounter along the way — potential mistakes.

Truth be told, although mistakes are made in most cases from investors, there are multiple ways to not face any when you decide to expand your business and build your climbing center.

In the current article, we are going to discuss the most common mistakes investors make along the way and why it is important to work with an experienced team that will guide you until the desired results are achieved.

What are these mistakes?

To make it clear for you, we’ve chosen some mistake points that are made by a huge percentage of professionals and business partners.

Let’s begin with a mistake so common, that most investors and therefore their business suffer in the long shot — choosing the wrong company to work with.

Yes, we’ve said it. It happens so when an investor has a company in mind, he might not see some potential warnings and road bricks that are going to have a negative impact in the future.

Some of them are:

  • The company can’t offer full equipment solutions (when we talk about building a climbing center from scratch)
  • The company doesn’t have a variety of brands, volumes, and materials (this can lead to budget adjusting problems and further payment complications)
  • The company just doesn’t have enough experience (there are new “cats” on the market that try to take their share but to achieve this, they need to build a respected portfolio and master their craft with ongoing projects)

At Holds&Walls we are proud to present our 8+ years of experience and a big project list that floods over Austria and other countries in Europe.

You can take a further look at all the gyms that we have equipped here and reached maximum results, long-term relationships with investors, and even more contacts with potential clients.

Do you have a business idea and you are ready for further discussions? Drop us a line.

Another common mistake that investors encounter is communication.

Count on communication

Business is a universal language and building the proper long-term relationships with investors is not an easy task. Not all professional companies manage to keep their clients due to lack of experience, expertise, and wrong approach.

At Holds&Walls we are having one foundation on which we start to build a climbing center or any additional project — that is “you”.

Our team will communicate with you throughout the whole process. We want to get in your head and make all of your visions and desires come to life. In the best way, of course.

Communication with us is pivotal because of the research we tend to do in the beginning.

After you give us measures and plans for the gym, we will proceed with our 3D modeling project. This will be the final call before taking any further action to build the climbing center.

When both sides agree on terms and conditions and have our contracts ready, Holds&Walls will get to work.

What are the consequences of encountering mistakes?

No respected business wants to make mistakes with the investment. It happens sometimes that it is due to external factors that some problems may occur.

Of course, everything can be fixed as soon as you choose to work with professionals that know their job and have an individual approach to your case.

At Holds&Walls we try to minimize all mistakes to zero because we are believers in the six/sigma quality work process and we are continuously improving.

Sadly, this is not the case with some climbing hall providing companies and investors can suffer big time on the following parts:

  • Not receiving quality volumes, routes, and materials
  • Losing more money than they can afford (exceeding budget)
  • Not going all the way in finishing their gym (contract complications, inability to finish work, and partial equipment delivery)
  • Exceeding delivery dates, miscalculations in agreements, etc.

If you want to get past problems of such kind, you can always communicate with our team and send inquiries.

How to avoid mistakes and succeed with your climbing center?

At Holds&Walls we happen to work with the best problem-solving team when it comes to finding solutions for your climbing center.

We want you to have full transparency of the project, price lists, and brands that we are working with.

We firmly believe that when we present all information to our investors, we are minimizing the possibility of mistakes along the way and we are going to bring astonishing results to the table.

Our team uses the finest of materials and is cooperating with brands that have a great history in producing holds, walls, volume materials, and parts that are reliable in building a second-to-none climbing center.

Mistakes are avoidable when you know the team you are putting your trust in. We are always one email or call away from getting back to you and giving you an offer that is truly worth it.

Tens of satisfied clients and even more long-term relationships with gym owners are what make our quality work a priority in every next venture.

Holds&Walls is the artificial climbing wall builder that you can trust. We will distribute volumes and holds of the highest quality directly from the factory and the team will have everything built up.

Forget about making any mistakes and check out our finest volume selection.

We are open to your next big project. Link with us.

Georgi Kondev

Georgi Kondev

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