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Satisfying Climbers Demand on Holds and Routes Diversity

satisfying climbers demands

Diversity in holds and routes, as diversity in many services, is crucial for investors.

Diversity allows creating the climbing hall the way you want and adjusting everything into your budget before investing.

In this article, we are going to talk about satisfying the demands of our clients at Holds&Walls and will discuss further why it is pivotal, what is the direct impact on your business and how our team helps in different situations.

Let’s get the basics first.

Why holds diversity is important?

Starting with the little details, we are proud to present our quality volumes.

Made with “absolute precision”, our colorful volumes will stand out from any other you have seen on the market.

The team at Hold&Walls is continuously expanding our portfolio and will manage to amaze you with infinite possibilities in volumes, so you can use them in the places and walls at your gym center.

With that being said, we are assuring you that our volumes will change any wall and turn it into a 3D dynamic climbing space.

Oh, yes, and there is more:

  • Volume transformers – all of our designs are made to “interact” with one another and shape mesmerizing dimensions. Combinations and choosing a mix of shapes on your own are now possible with the help of H&W and professional communication.
  • Surface texture – You may not know this but both our climbing walls and volumes are coated with abrasive texture to maintain “a perfect balance” between surface durability and friction.

What about materials?

Do not worry, how could we forget?!

Working only with the highest quality durability surfaces such as plywood birch, stainless metal inserts, and abrasive texture, all of our parts in volumes are offering durability that will stand the test of pressure in time.

Also, our high-grade serviceable T-nuts and metal inserts will make all the parts “stick” promptly for a long time.

It is pivotal to mention that Holds&Walls makes no compromise when it comes to providing top-notch products and services afterward.

And last but not least: the colors….

Talk to our team and request your preferred colors. We are going to do the job.

Offering a huge pattern of colors on our walls and volume sets, you would feel like you are building the climbing wall of your childhood dreams.

Vibrant colors, a mixture of tones, and high-durability materials – isn’t that awesome?!

For more details, projects, and potential offers, you can contact us here.

How does all of this impact your business?

Imagine this.

You have taken the decision that you are launching your climbing hall. Working with an experienced company can “make or break” a business model and choosing the one that is going to take the extra mile for you is key.

“How does Holds&Walls stack up in front of the competition?” – you might ask:

  1. Holds&Walls has 8+ years of experience in the field. (Trust us, we’ve done and seen a lot)
  2. We are working with tens of brands you can see here.
  3. We are fluid in terms of offering full equipment projects and partial equipment.
  4. We do offer competitive price lists, discounts, and accurate delivery dates.

We did mention all of this because we do want the efficiency of working with Holds&Walls to be off the charts.

We take pride in providing first-class materials but we do provide excellent service and benefits as well.

Your business idea can turn into reality and you can grow your revenue, brand equity, and the impact you have on people that are into wall climbing.

This gets to the next point of the article.

How to pick quality products for your climbing hall and not “break the bank”?

Of course, such investments do need special research long before they are made.

Our team offers full transparency and price lists on which you can get a further estimate from us.

Nobody wants to break the bank and spend more for less.

The leading idea of Holds&Walls is to provide quality materials and service and build a long-term relationship with investors for further collaborations, renovations, etc.

We want you to benefit the most from your new climbing hall, make a proper return on your investment and offer astonishing quality service for your clients.

With that being said, we offer some of the finest brands in the niche you will find in Europe and we are ready to execute the goal until desired goals are reached.

It might sound a bit of a cliché, but we do not take work for granted here. We exceed in providing the best materials and service you can find for a seamless climbing experience.

Holds&Walls gives the most accurate wholesale prices on the market and our team of professionals will make sure you receive an irresistible offer. We are open to collaboration at all times, make sure to reach out to our team. Drop us a line here.

Georgi Kondev

Georgi Kondev

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