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How often should I climb as a beginner in indoor climbing?

If you have recently started climbing in a gym, you are probably wondering how often it is good to climb and when it’s time to rest. As a beginner, you can hardly choose how often you need to climb to improve technique, strength, and stamina, without overloading your body.

Can you have time to go to the climbing hall once or twice a week?

How can you tell if that is enough?

You ask the question: How to allocate the days for climbing during the week and when to rest?

We answered all these questions and we are giving them to you in the next lines. 

And so, how often do you have to climb as a beginner?

Beginner climbers should go to the hall maximum 3 times a week – divide the days into 7 days so that you do not climb for two consecutive days. Give your muscles the time to recover from the load and the new type of exercise that you put them through. If you start climbing more than 3 times a week as a beginner, you will probably improve faster than you need, and your muscles will not have adequate time to recover.

With practice, you can increase the number of days you climb each week to improve your technique. Then, if you are climbing for two days in a row, try to give yourself a lighter workout on the second day so that you do not overwork your muscles.

What will happen to my body if I climb every day?

If you just started climbing, but you love it so much you want to climb often, it’s good to know that as a beginner this can be very dangerous. If the climbing strength needed in a situation is something the body is not used to, you may get seriously injured.

This is also the reason why more rest time is needed for beginner climbers. Follow the rule for a maximum of 3 times a week for the first few months, and after that, you can start visiting the climbing gym more often. 

When can I start climbing more often?

Over time, you will want to improve your climbing techniques. Then you will start to wonder if it’s time to increase the number of workouts per week. The answer to this question is up to you, and to determine if you are ready to increase, keep the following in mind:

You are no longer improving your skills

If you notice that you are on the same level, or the improvement is minimal, you can increase the number of days you climb. Do it carefully though, you don’t want any damages. 

You don’t feel that much pain after climbing

During the first weeks of climbing, you will feel springs and you will have muscle tension from which you will have to recover. Over time, you will notice that the pain decreases. When this happens, you can increase the number of weekly visits to the climbing hall.

When is it time to reduce climbing?

If you have started visiting the climbing room more often, you will feel a difference. This difference can be positive or negative. The positive side effects produced by increasing the number of people trained are improved climbing ability, increased strength and endurance, and full health benefits. But if you hurt yourself all the time when you get out, you constantly feel tired, or it shows a negative impact on other parts of your life, it’s time to think and reduce the time you spend in the climbing room.

Climbing is a great way to exercise regularly and have fun at the same time. With the right frequency of climbing, you will be able to improve your skills smoothly and without any complications.



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