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How to know if the climbing gym is the right business for you

Okay, you love indoor climbing. You do it regularly and you see that other people around you do it too. You decide to turn this hobby into a business by creating your own climbing hall.

Thus, not only will you be able to practice your favorite hobby whenever you want, but you will also be able to build your own business that will bring you income and at the same time give you pleasure.

But before you start researching and planning, there is one very important question you need to ask yourself:

Is this business right for me?

To help you answer in the best way possible, we have answered a few important questions that every climbing hall owner should know.

What exactly is a climbing hall?

A climbing hall is a gym where people come to learn how to climb, and at the same time socialize with like-minded people. Of course, when you go there you can’t just climb. You need to rest, and you can do it chatting with the other climbers. Making climbing friends is one of the best things you can do in the climbing hall.  

Climbing gyms usually offer three types of climbing:

Top- rope climbing – where you are always protected with a safety rope in case you fall.

Bouldering – Where you climb short distances without the help of ropes.

Lead Climbing – Climbing is done with the help of another person who is watching you from below.

Most climbing hall owners are avid climbers. Anyone who loves the thrill of climbing can succeed in this type of business, if they have the right approach when planning the business and gym management. You just have to follow some rules, and we can help you with them.

Climbing hall owners need to pay the utmost attention to safety to ensure that their visitors have a great experience with minimal risk of injury.

What does a typical day at the climbing hall look like?

Owning a climbing hall is like owning a bowling alley or a standard fitness center. Your daily duties will be to make sure that the equipment is in good condition, the place is clean and your staff is always ready to help your visitors.

Do you need special skills to create a climbing hall?

First of all, it will be very useful if you are an experienced climber. When you are well aware of the climbing culture, you know exactly what your potential clients would like and love in the gym. Knowing what will bring them to you will help you make your business successful.

Also, if you want to create a successful climbing gym, it would be good to have the ability to teach this sport and encourage others, regardless of their skill level.

In your gym you will have route setters and instructors that will make the climbing routes interesting, and will help your clients climb the walls safe and with ease. In this case, you, as an owner of the gym, need to manage all parts of the gym, and make them work as one: you need to be passionate about climbing, you need organizational skills, and the desire to grow your climbing hall.

If you want to connect more with your staff and clients, you need to be creative, and you must have the desire to help others. This will help you transform your clients into loyal gym members.

This will ensure that everyone who comes to your gym will have a pleasant and interesting experience.

To what extent can such a business grow?

Each place will attract a certain number of customers, and in the beginning, they may be smaller and increase over time. In any case, your climbing hall will have a certain maximum capacity for visitors. It will be set at the beginning of the project and will depend on the size of the hall, the total climbing area and the necessary safety requirements.

If you find that there are more people, wanting to climb at your gym, than your hall can take, it will be time to expand. You will need to build more gyms in different locations.

If you want to start your own business and build a climbing wall, we can help with the full package: the planning, design, building and the equipment of the hall.  Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your wishes and how together we can make them a reality.



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